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You simply are locked into unconscious patterns where immediate pleasure pulls stronger than what nourishes you. I get that! Work with me to begin to banish negative self-talk, harness your physical power, heal pain, and embrace your potential.

Nutrition Counseling

Your life begins now – without diets!

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Internal Family Systems

Professional consulting and IFS Workshops

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Yoga Philosophy

Reflecting your divine goodness back to you.

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At the end of the do you want to feel?

Each day’s journey starts with the best intention that today will be different…only to venture off course again. “Should have’s” and “if only’s” flurry, then guilt, then we give in again. Reclaim vitality and energy! Come alive and present at the end of each and every day! Are you ready to Align…Nourish…Reconnect?

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From My Blog

Reigning negatives of diet culture

Sometimes I feel I need all these umbrellas to shield me from the constant, unrelenting onslaught of diet culture. Just yesterday, a client shared she was having lunch with a long-time high school friend she sees a few times a year. The friend went on and on ordering salad dressing…

Bridge the gap toward a whole you

The bridge to what you want and what you currently experience is often long and arduous and seemingly nonexistent. Behavioral changes around food, activity and body can feel daunting, there’s no way I’ll ever change my habits, it’s hopeless, so much despair. As I see it, there are two parts…