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You simply are locked into unconscious patterns where immediate pleasure pulls stronger than what nourishes you. I get that! Work with me to begin to banish negative self-talk, harness your physical power, heal pain, and embrace your potential.

Nutrition Counseling

Your life begins now – without diets!

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Internal Family Systems

Professional consulting and IFS Workshops

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Yoga Philosophy

Reflecting your divine goodness back to you.

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At the end of the day...how do you want to feel?

Each day’s journey starts with the best intention that today will be different…only to venture off course again. “Should have’s” and “if only’s” flurry, then guilt, then we give in again. Reclaim vitality and energy! Come alive and present at the end of each and every day! Are you ready to Align…Nourish…Reconnect?

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From My Blog

A Path to Self

A part of my week is taking long, brisk walks in nature – to be honest, sometimes it’s neighborhood streets with yards filled with bushes and perennials. My favorite walk is this one in the picture, on the path our town created that flows alongside the Charles River. Now, it’s…

Listening to a Tara Brach podcast on my morning walk, she tells a story about road construction, that annoyance each of us has experienced that brings up feelings of frustration and thoughts of being late to work or picking up our child on time. The first construction worker directing traffic…