About Namaste Nutrition

I get excited when you….

  • Retire the clothes in your closet that are no longer useful to you
  • Experience diet fatigue then listen within to what your body wants
  • Assemble or cook a meal that excites you
  • Thoughtfully listen in to what food or activity feels exactly right for you
  • Meet binge eating or restricting parts of you head on with loads of radical acceptance
  • Pop out of bed with vital energy because of a new walking program
  • Rest when your body says, “Rest!”
  • Find your voice amidst the din of diet culture (who isn’t on a diet?) and say “Please let’s change the subject!”
  • Toss out your blood pressure medicine and lower your cholesterol
  • Finally do that one challenging activity you thought you could never do.

I rejoice in your amazing accomplishments as if they were my own because in a very deep and profound way they are.

Namaste Nutrition was born in 2007 when the stress of my job was out of control. None of the usual ways I find balance did any good. The responsibility of being a boss, having a full patient load, managing clinical research trials, and giving professional talks churned inside like a tornado—even yoga wasn’t able to stop the dizziness and chaos.

I needed more yoga for myself—and I needed you. You who are someone just like me. Living a crazy busy life, seeking tranquility, yet finding it evasive no matter where you turn. Somehow, I had to bring me to light and in so doing, you would benefit.

For many of you, digging up time for exercise and nourishing meals is hard. Peace eludes topsy—turvy lives at every corner. Changing how you live life and stepping out into unknown territory is scary—you make sense of your world through your history that’s often filled with many attempts that didn’t work. With Namaste Nutrition by your side, you’ll access inner harmony, connection to your needs and desires, and clarity around choices. You’ll get to know, spend time with and heal all the parts of you that sabotage your wellbeing.

In 1985, to make a new music tape for my aerobics class, I’d press Pause/Play on my dual cassette boom box to catch the “3 in a row” songs on the radio. Today, there’s Spotify on my iPhone. So much has changed since then, and my life-affirming experiences have led me to being of service to you.

Namaste Nutrition offers nutrition therapy and counseling for eating disorders, compulsive overeating, emotional eating, digestive health and vegetarian nutrition.

Professional Contributions

  • Today’s Dietitian professional magazine, Top Questions Clients ask RDNs about Vegetarianism
  • Vegetarian Nutrition Toolkit (Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, Veg Nutrition Evidence Analysis Library)
  • Integrative Medicine textbook, obesity chapter
  • Clinical Guidebook on Overweight and Obesity, dietary therapy chapter
  • Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism ad hoc reviewer
  • Secretary, ADA Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group
  • ADA reviewer for the Weight Management DPG newsletter
  • ADA’s Evidence Analysis Library Vegetarian Workgroup
  • Obesity Research poster
  • MA Dept. of Public Health’s Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety Expert Panel Executive Report for weight loss surgery.


Topics include IFS in nutrition counseling, motivational interviewing and dietary recommendations:

  • Internal Family Systems for Dietitians
  • Center for Self Leadership IFS Conferences
  • Harvard Medical School Obesity courses
  • New England Centers for Obesity Research and Education
  • Merck Pharmaceutical (Germany)
  • Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Heart Health
  • American Dietetic Association Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management Certification programs
  • Boston University’s Sargent College
  • Boston University School of Medicine