Yoga Philosophy

After years of near competitive body building and teaching high intensity aerobic classes, it became clear that I’d need a ‘softer’ activity as I grew older. At 40, my first yoga class nearly toasted me. It was the most challenging physical feat I’d ever attempted! From then until now through the study of the philosophy of yoga and engaging in a physical practice, transformations occurred at every level of my being, and today, I live yoga by being less judgmental and more tolerant, forgiving, and compassionate.

I believe each of you is filled with intrinsic goodness and innate beauty at your deepest essence. This beauty and goodness emanates from you to all others and your divine goodness is simply reflected back to you. This essence within is ever present and has healing properties.

In my yoga classes, private yoga sessions, and nutrition counseling, space was always opened for you to bring self-compassion to your journey. Now retired, I continue to share the stories of the skill and guidance yoga offers to build a dynamic and passionate platform that offers optimal alignment and balanced energy. This creates a safe and trusting foundation so you believe in your abilities and open to your fullest potential. Through a grounded and committed foundation, you’ll find your heart opening to be fully present and alive and to live from that place every day. Your body will become more balanced, your mind contemplative, and you’ll find strength to explore a deeper understanding of who you are at your core. The answers to all your deepest longings and desires are there. When we become quiet and still and listen, we hear them.

A year-long Anusara® 200-hour yoga teacher training inspired by Tantric philosophy allowed me to be branded as an Anusara-Inspired® teacher for over 10 years. I continue to foster the understanding that each of us desires connection – first to our own heart, then to others.

Together let’s
design a
sustainable and
long-lasting action
plan to banish
habitual dieting.

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