Nutrition Counseling Testimonials

In working with Diana, I have found grace, encouragement and clarity as I explore my complicated journey with food and body. Her curious, kind and client focused style has inspired me to give myself permission to let go of shame and embrace compassion for myself. As a result I am able to experience freedom in ways I have only imagined


I feel so lucky to have found Diana. For 17 years, I weighed myself every day. The number on the scale was how I felt that day, affecting what I ate and how much I exercised. I beat myself up every morning. I was disgusted with my body image. After asking me for a year to give up my scale, I handed it to Diana because I realized how toxic it was.

Once a month I weighed in with Diana without looking at the scale. Diana taught me that I could nourish myself appropriately and exercise for fun. In the process, my body found its natural weight. She has been such an important part of my personal progress, I can’t thank her enough.

My continued journey of working with Diana has taught me my health and wellness is something you not only can’t put a price on, but is the one thing that makes the rest of your life run smoothly! Thank you, Diana, for the gift of healthy living! You’re more than I could ask for!


I’ve personally worked with Diana and think she’s amazing. She’s smart, creative, practical, and one of the most positive people I know. Diana is a great nutritionist and had a profound impact on my eating habits. She easily connected with me and shaped my nutritional choices in a very beneficial way. Diana understands that there will be “good” days and “bad” days and builds those realities into an overall plan. Her skill, warmth, and humor make her exceptional.
Anna Sweeney

Finding Diana made a tremendous difference to my life and health. Battling weight my whole life, I was sure that when I was ready to change my eating habits, I could rely on my education and didn’t need “help.” I was so wrong. Diana is the perfect nutritionist, cheerleader, partner in the endeavor, positive motivator and general life coach. It was important for me to look at food differently than just counting calories. It was important to have someone who could design a program for a pescetarian and address both practical food challenges and larger issues in a positive, warm, supportive environment. A year later I am a much smaller person and a happier, healthier and more grateful one! I highly recommend Diana to anyone interested in changing their eating habits and health for the better!

Yoga Testimonials

Family issues that I had no control over left me feeling burdened by them. Diana’s story about the divine within having full capacity to hold what weighs on us, that through this “divine intervention” our sadness becomes lighter, I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders.


What do I take with me when I leave your yoga class? I’m in the moment. I’m calmer, more centered after yoga practice. I leave with creativity and community pulsing.


No matter how ‘off’ life feels, you encourage us to slow down and breathe. Align with the Divine. Align with our body, heart and mind. Breathe. Open heart, open body, open to light, lighten up. Life is brighter again.

What do I take away from my yoga practice with Diana? Energy, warmth, flexibility, friendship, satisfaction, strength, humor and thoughts that I incorporate into my day.

Physical strength and getting out of my comfort zone. Fun.


Your way of teaching – imbedded with joy, sparks of irreverence, realness and authenticity – is what keeps me coming back week after week. What a delicious way to begin each week!


Friendship, love, compassion, flexibility, balance, strength, openness, humor. These I take away with me every single yoga class.


Today’s class was spectacular! The flow fit my energy level to perfection. Moving to Boston, alone, I came into your class. You connected me to new friends and made me feel welcome. You created this beautiful community and for that I’m forever grateful. I’m stronger, more flexible and more connected to yoga and will be for life.

Wendy C.

The alignment cues have created openness and length in my body. You encourage us to start with small effort and let it grow. I relish the warm, inclusive community you foster. You show us how to make space within ourselves, to explore beyond the capacity we thought we contained. I literally move my body differently because of what I’ve learned from you.

Helen M.

I love the prose and stories you present at the start of class. You have coaxed us out of our comfort zone and not only helped with exercising our body but expanding our brains and minds as well.


Intense focus and visualization on every unique muscle and bone in my body. You have the best cues and I’ve thoroughly grown open in my heart with the “strap jacket.”


Diana, one of the things I love about your teaching is how you hold impossible opposites in alignment cues that open and expand every cell. You are a BIG personality and your shining biggest opens space for each of us rather than overpowering the space. Your being expresses service to that part of each of us that is connected to the One. So much gratitude.


Together let’s
design a
sustainable and
long-lasting action
plan to banish
habitual dieting.

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