Power up With Avocado

Fat, Nutrition, Recipes
If you’re looking for a more versatile food, stop! You’ve found it in the delicious and creamy avocado. Many shy away from avocados. “Don’t they make you fat?” is the…
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Bean There

Fat, Nutrition, Protein
Many are so bothered by the musical rendition of legume digestion that they avoid them at all costs. Others are just bothered by the lengthy prep – and others just…
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Kids and Junk Food

Fat, Nutrition
It amazes me what propels researchers to research – even the ‘duh’ revelations they arrive at that may seem trivial, but I’m glad they do it. “We found that when…
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GERD is the word

Dairy, Fat, GERD, Nutrition
That awful burning sensation in your chest could be acid reflux, called GERD in the medical world. Gastroesophageal reflux disease to be exact. What happens is the spincter in your…
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Moody when you diet?

Fat, Nutrition, Weight Loss
You’re not alone. While mood tends to improve when you first make dietary changes, mostly because you introduce less junk and more optimal foods, sometimes grouchiness and moodiness sets in.…
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