What is today teaching me about me?

What is today teaching me about tomorrow? Gosh, I love a good magazine article, haha. So reading on, please know these words are not derived from a peer-reviewed research journal but just good ole reporting.

I speak with clients about planning as a way to get your head around what needs to happen to fulfill your desires and goals. Like “What will I eat this week (therefore, what groceries do I need)?” “I’d like to get more movement in, when can I do that?” Social engagements, To-Do lists, that stuff.

The reason? Your calendar is an optimal place to record dates with yourself. If you want to walk 30 minutes every morning, put it in your calendar at the time you think you can do that. Give it a color that represents movement. The world’s most successful CEOs follow this type of planning. They spend quality “me” time every a.m. reading newspapers, eating, exercising, family time, then they go to work and everything they need to do that day is in their calendar.

This is different than a To-Do list where you have many things to get done in a day, often too many, so you cross out the accomplished tasks and transfer the rest to tomorrow. NO! Stop doing that!! To-Do lists have a way of not prioritizing events that should be prioritized.

Instead, pull out your journal and create a map of the parts of you that have strong beliefs about how you should show up and live each day. For instance, that niggling thought you should exercise more, or make more fruit and veggie choices, or stop smoking reefer nightly, those kinds of desires and beliefs. Ask yourself:

  1. What’s no longer serving me? Why?
  2. What brings me real joy and contentment?

Try this. Pause at the end of each day and ask yourself “What is today teaching me about how to live tomorrow? You may find that it also leads to gratitude for the ability to do what you did. But also, is what you did today necessary? Pleasurable? Inspiring? Did it lead you to being the best and most optimal YOU?


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