It’s time to slow it on down, y’all.

Summer clothes are packed away, winter clothes washed, hung and folded for the upcoming season, boots in the hallway closet. We’re invited to embrace the longer, darker, quieter nights, by diving in to introspection, to celebrate the light we have as it guides our rebirth. I heard Mother Nature inviting me to join her last Sunday so off I went to a local habitat.

As I trod along a path with packed leaves riddled with rocks, stepping gingerly to avoid the toe stumps then righting wiggling ankles when I missed, I occasionally glanced up to see what was here. A kaleidoscope of vibrant hues of gold and rust, red berries on bushes glistening with morning dew, little greens sprouting amidst brown leaves. Misshapen trees, rabbit fur, life preparing to hunker down for a few months. The air was clean. I wondered whose feet has been here before. The sun peeked out. All was good.

This is a new concept for many of us. The one of slowing down, taking it in, not buzzing here, there, doing this and that, tidying, culling through, folding laundry, mopping floors, attending to projects. Do, do, do…..what does it take for you to be? Mindfulness is an overused word. I prefer presence. It feels right. To be present. Pay attention to now. Nothing to do or change. Take it in. Slow down. Notice. Sense. Feel into. Slice the carrots and note the uniformity and crisp crisp of the blade sliding through, landing on wood. Feel the onions release their sting through tears. Sear the roast and let the aroma pierce all your senses. See the gravy bubbling in the pot. Observe the anticipation of eating this.

Log out of social media. Just for a month. Then…….offer gratitude during those 30 days for what is in your life. Hug your partner for 6 seconds. Intentionally play with your kids,. Call a friend. Engage in meaningful, deep and authentic conversations. Mail a handwritten note to your grandmother. Knit. Arrange flowers. Cook. Bake banana muffins. Read something for fun. Offer to rake leaves for an older neighbor.

Creativity is an expression of the Divine within you. When we traverse through life at breakneck speeds, to feel the exhaustion of arriving at success, of doing all the things faster and better than anyone, to have a packed scheduled of To Do’s, self-imposed and otherwise, we lose connection to this sweetness within. It becomes concealed, our parts cannot connect to it, and we suffer sadness, fatigue, injuries, loneliness. When we slow down, this healing essence in our internal world begins to bubble, effervesce and flow. We are filled with the residual nectar of connection, courage, creativity.

Try it on for size! Today, I will: (now fill in the blank).


Transitions……ouch, that hurts!
How brave are you for not finishing that to-do list?

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