Reigning negatives of diet culture

Sometimes I feel I need all these umbrellas to shield me from the constant, unrelenting onslaught of diet culture. Just yesterday, a client shared she was having lunch with a long-time high school friend she sees a few times a year. The friend went on and on ordering salad dressing “on the side” and “does this have gluten?,” then ending with a sly smile to my client saying, “I’ve lost 9 pounds on this new diet, you should try it!”

My friend was so triggered … she’s been moving through the process of leaving impulsive emotional overeating consistently fed by diet culture to finding acceptance in her body. She’s selecting nourishing foods more often. She’s eating fun foods with less guilt. She’s enjoying a size bigger clothes that fit and flatter her figure. She’s being seen out in the world. She was riding high until that lunch. What followed was a few days of binge eating. Oh my!

So please folks, can you do her and me a favor? If you’re on a diet or have lost weight, hate yourself, grab your fat rolls, anything that calls attention to the negativity you swim in, please hush and stay mum about it? Focus on the beauty around you, the positives, like the weather, the lovely cafe you’re dining in, your kids, the sweetness of the season. Anything but diets, evil macronutrients, restriction, punishing food plans, and intense exercise for weight loss!! Thank you very much… really will feel better, too.

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