Bridge the gap toward a whole you

The bridge to what you want and what you currently experience is often long and arduous and seemingly nonexistent. Behavioral changes around food, activity and body can feel daunting. We can be left thinking, “There’s no way I’ll ever change my habits, it’s hopeless, so much despair.” I know you’ve been at this for a very long time.

As I see it, there are two parts of you that led to this trapped space. There’s the one that seeks difference and the one that desires same. Between the two is a bridge that extends an invitation to negotiate between the two, identify what they each hold as intention for you, determine how they help you in performing their role for you, then showing them there is another way.

What if there was a halfway point, a place in the middle, where the dieter and the binger, the couch potato and the marathoner, the adventurous one and the scaredy cat, could meet, agree and shake hands, and get to business?

It’s there. Make an appointment now to travel to that place within you. I’ll hold your hand along the way, as you stay open, curious, and hopeful.

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