A Path to Self

Watertown river walkA part of my week is taking long, brisk walks in nature – to be honest, sometimes it’s neighborhood streets with yards filled with bushes and perennials. My favorite walk is this one in the picture, on the path our town created that flows alongside the Charles River. Now, it’s not a true habitat filled with multiple bird species calling out greetings. Instead, it’s mostly squirrels, geese and ducks play along the path. Yet there is a majestic blue heron that perches ever so gracefully on boulders that line the waterfall, and the usual robins and bluejays, every now and again a cardinal that takes my breath away.

What’s most special about this walk is the sense that it provides a refuge, a time to be introspective, to dive in deep, then deeper still, to the vastness of Loving presence that resides both in me and in this Mother Earth-touched place. It reminds me that no matter what hand you extend  out there for support, encouragement and love, whether you align with a Buddhist philosophy that grounds you, Christian prayer that fills you with peace, or yogic meditation of contentment and belonging, what you get is expansive open-hearted acceptance.

The chatter of despair, helplessness, and sadness dissipates as the sound of rushing water, twitters and tweets fill my heart, washing away debris of rage-filled storms and unspoken words that mar the lining of trust. What’s left is the quietness of an easy rain, followed by a peeking sun dancing playfully within the clouds, a rainbow lining the sky. A new breath. Space to feel Grace. Connection. Clarity. Meaning.


We’re all afraid of something
Bridge the gap toward a whole you

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