Mindful eating meditation

My dear friend and fellow yoga teacher and executive coach, Linda Malcomb, has created an inspirational website loaded with meditations to help us belong in our bodies and the world we live in with the families we have chosen.

I’m linking here to a meditation she will lead you through as she speaks to the deep longing within us, especially women, to be different from what we are. Curly-headed folks desire straight hair, thin people want muscle, fat people want to be skinny. It seems we all host a bunch of inner critics, judgers, and shamers within ourselves. We decide to change. We get all the right stuff – the external programs that guarantee if we eat this way and move that way we’ll have our perfect body in no time, the gym membership, sign up for Weight Watchers, dye our hair, use gobs of Retinol-containing lotions to get rid of wrinkles – and then, boom, wham, we fall and get right back on that old, tired horse that brought us here in the first place. Why? Because we have old baggage we tote around about how we should look and act and be. We have that old room in the back of the house where we store all kinds of crap “just in case we need it” one day only to find out we don’t need a heap of voices making us feel ashamed and embarrassed and sad about ourselves, our bodies and food choices. It’s time to de-clutter your body, mind and heart!

I know you’ll enjoy listening to the melody of Linda’s voice and the words she so carefully chose to allow you the full experience of being who you are in your own authentic, valuable and natural state.

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