Gift of creativity – Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a highlight of creativity for me. My table that glows and beckons and invites gets better year after year, all based on a magazine article I tuck away in its special place lest its inspiration be lost.

This design takes all year as I contemplate the settings and what should remains and what can shift and still surprise. Mom-in-law’s loving hands create different runner or napkins, always staying close to the original color scheme, and the glass name holders her artist friend created so each guest has their own special and welcoming place proudly announce their invitee.

Mornings I scout the yard for twigs, leaves, remaining flowers, ivy or other gifts of nature to grace the vases. Colorful paper squares and markers await the gratitudes of each guest. These stay with me and return every holiday so each loved one is reminded of the gratitude offerings of years past.

Delicious and well-turned dishes grace the buffet and table, all gifted from these loving guests. We sup together enjoying the visual of the table and turkey, the mouth-watering bites of stuffing and potatoes, and eagerly look toward the delectable sweet treats to follow.

The joy in the Thanksgiving table has spread to other meals with friends as a small offering of love for each of them and is freely given and received. What’s your gift of creativity?

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