Harvest apples in fall for a very good reason!

We’re in transition that ends hot and humid summer to pass into the crisp, cool, and dry weather of fall. Early autumn falls from mid-September to late October and invites us to dine upon fresh, late-summer harvested fruits – notably apples!

Fresh apples are abundant and at their peak taste and freshness now. Eaten in the season of fall, they “dry out” excess heat, also known as Pitta, from our body’s cells that accumulate over those longer, brighter, hotter days of July and August.

Without “drying out” of the oily Pitta season before moving into the dry season of Vata in winter, an imbalance may result in excess mucous production in the body. Excess mucous may lead to your body’s inability to ward off viruses, colds, or flu endemic in winter.

There’s no right or wrong apple – pick one apple with the taste you love – red delicious, golden delicious, Pink Lady, Cripps pink, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Macoun, gala, McIntosh, Braeburn, or my new favorite Snow Sweet – and dip them into nut butters or honey. Apples are rich in fiber, vitamin C and potassium and prime your body to get ready for the heavier dishes eaten in winter.

Try stewing diced apples while the oatmeal is cooking. Add a touch of cinnamon and cloves for a pop of flavor. Bake into pies or crisps or whip into apple butter or a sauce to spoon over slices of cake or toasted bread.

My all time favorite is Uncle Bob’s Apple Cake by Paula Deen. It will bring you to your knees with it’s moist, dense, apple flavor. Now, now, to be fair about Paula, there’s NO butter in this cake. I substitute olive oil for the canola or vegetable oil for added benefit of a monounsaturated fat and delight in knowing the apple peels are left on for more fiber. You won’t be disappointed!!

Oh, once you flip out the cake, flip it again so the crunchy, crispy topping will show and………don’t glaze it!! You’ll lose the crunch if you do! Freezes extremely well – slices in individual Ziploc baggies mean joy in every lunch box.

Poop shoot shut down?
Gift of creativity – Happy Thanksgiving!

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