Changing your relationship with food

This Introduction to IFS by Dick Schwartz is clear and on point in describing the sweet transformations that occur every day in my office. Countless parts of us are involved in that relationship, from the critical part that chastises us for eating a donut, or picks at us for not adding greens to the plate.

I’ve met binge parts, restricting parts, rule-based parts, over-exercising parts, polarized parts with different and personal beliefs about what’s right for you, and parts who feel unworthy and ashamed of their bodies and behaviors around food – and many more.

Every time protective parts give us space and invite us to go to those young, hurting parts in the safety of the connection between me, my client and their parts, softening occurs, healing begins as the conversation with the parts deepens.

I thought this was something you’d be interested in knowing.

Trust the magic of new beginnings
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