Heart happy oats

Bagels, lox and cream cheese loaded with capers make my belly do a happy dance. Cheesy grits and eggs are a warming comfort food on brrrrrrr cold New England days. Yet, neither do much to lower my high cholesterol, a genetic gift from both my folks. So bah humbug I turn toward boring and beige oatmeal instead. Wait! Oatmeal can be divine.

This is my new luscious dish of decadent delights. Extra-thickly cut old-fashioned oats with Sunview jumbo raisins simmered with a bit more water than Bob’s Red Mill calls for lends an ultra-creamy texture filled with plumb fruit. Pour steamy, creamy oatmeal atop diced Honey Crisp apples and sprinkle with pecans, walnuts and almonds for crunch. Maple syrup makes them especially New England-like, yet some may want to use a non-nutritive sweetener like stevia. Either way, you’re ready for a wintery treat that keeps you full for a long, long time.

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