Happy anniversary, Love

The pathNature breathes. She inspires spring. Expires summer. Inspires fall. Expires winter. Even within a season, pulsations move within the earth as nutrients are taken up, moisture drives itself into leaves and roots, rain sweeps in to cool, wind tosses leaves to receive sun, energy quivers within the entirety of the living, current life ebbs away then rejoins when it’s time.

Joseph Rain said, “Every event in nature has a unique harmony and rhythm.” Being in the Adirondacks lets me see this clearly. Pulsation dances before my eyes in the stream outside our temporary home, the flickering of fire in the outdoor pit, the breathtaking colors of autumn reminiscent of the sweetness in transition knowing that which is to come is cold and ice and white and bundling up.

This beautiful place holds the worship of eleven years with my love. Pulsation is ever present within that celebration – year to year the depth of love grows, the trust deepens, conversation is sweeter, touches more tender, and life unfolds and expands and holds us.

Slowing down is essential so we capture it all. Riding a trajectory of what we’re ‘supposed’ to do leaves no time for reflection, inner pause, connection, creativity, and just the simplest act of being curious. Slow down. Breathe. Be a copy cat of all that nature reflects to us. Love one another even more intentionally. There’ll be more to come in the most unique and harmonious rhythms.

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