I see you…

I see you
I see you

Gratitude and immense love fill my heart this holiday season, a season of Light and Brilliance, a chance to celebrate the imperfections of us that make us perfect. In the darkness that prevails before the winter solstice, I pause to reflect on this amazing year of 2015. Even with all that pulsed throughout our country, our world, shootings, massacres, terrorist attacks in Paris, insensitive people showing out as we move toward a new U.S. leader, what remains is a bond between humans that cannot be broken. We are pearls on the strand of Source and will remain so. We hold each other up to the Light. I see you … I reflect your Light, your goodness and innate divineness back to you each time you are mirrored in my eyes.

However you choose to celebrate the divine within you this holiday season, I wish you svatantrya – unlimited and unbounded freedom – to be you. Everything you need to feel content and whole is already right there inside you. May you be Light-filled, abundant in love, compassionate and free.

Happy New Year!

Your friend always.


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