Graceful change

Ardha ChandrasanaWhat would it be like to embody the gift of embracing and navigating the unexpected with tremendous grace and beauty?

First, consider the unexpected.

  • Were you disappointed because your expectations were not met?
  • Do you feel like everything always goes against you?
  • Are you sad enough about it to give up?

For some of us, it happens like that. Our idea or plan we had in mind doesn’t go the way we dream, it sucks now, or someone got in our way and something unexpected pops into the picture that veers us off course. Others of us flow with the tidal shift and accept change as the one constant in life while some of us rail out against the challenge feeling life should always be stable and status quo.

We either cry and get depressed about it. Or find a solution to the change in plans, using creativity and courage to move forward. If you are at home watching TV and the lightening from the raging storm outside hits a transformer and darkens the room, you can’t see anything for a few moments. Gradually, your eyes adjust to the dark and you can see enough to make your way around. Our bodies are designed for that type of adaptability!

The privilege of this practice is just that – yoga teaches us to apply ourselves to life as water to a vase – no matter the shape of the vase, the water will fill to the edges. We become flexible in thinking, moving, and being. We shift and move into the empty spaces. We fill the containers of adversity and challenge with Grace. We become a conduit of transformation. We flow and ebb and move over and under that which is in our way. We connect to our Inner Harmony and sing.

Trail mix – the go-to slump zapper
White winter salad

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