Tips for staying hydrated

Water glassDrinking water is a challenge for many, even in summer when we’re typically thirstiest. What you reach for depends on what you like. Have you considered municipal tap water? It’s cheap, typically purified so clean, and it’s fat-, sugar-, and cholesterol-free. Bonus? It’s easy to find.

Still not sold? OK, let’s talk about other ways to fluid-up your body.

  • Coffee and tea, even caffeinated, are fluid. They count. They just may be more calorie-dense if you add sugar and creamer.
  • Sugar-free and flavored beverages, and tonic and seltzer waters, add a pop of flavor if plain tap water is boring.
  • Food! Has. Water. Especially fruits, vegetables, soups and juices. Dive into watermelons, mangos and berries and start some meals with soup.
  • Lastly, for sweet taste, frozen fruit pops and other sugar-free treats count! So does Jell-O – it’s liquid at room temp.
  • Whether water or something else, remind yourself to drink often. Keep smaller water bottles handy. At the gym, I see gallon-sized milk jugs filled with water. That intimidates me! Use refillable bottles that hold no more than 16 oz and keep in your gym bag, car door, desk and kitchen counter. Refill often!

How much? For starters, how much fluid did you lose today? Did you breathe, sweat, exercise, or pee or poop? That’s how most of us lose water.

Ah, good ole 8×8 a Day (8 8-oz glasses), the general rule forever. It’s easy to remember. You’re safe if you consume 1 quart of fluid for every 50 lbs of your body weight (1 quart = 2 of your 16-oz bottles!). Pregnant and breast-feeding Mamas need more fluid – 10-13 cups/day more. 

You’ll know you’re drinking enough if you’re inconvenienced by bathroom trips!


Diana’s Public Service Announcement: DO NOT DRINK OUT OF A GARDEN HOSE or a commercial plastic bottle left in a hot car! Bacteria thrive inside the hoses and plastic bottles when it’s hot out.

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