Burrito Fiesta

Fiber-filled and filling
Fiber-filled and filling

Almost 25 years ago, I plummeted into vegetarianism in a not-so-healthy way. Cheesy, decadent casseroles lent a hand in elevating my cholesterol more than 30 points. A base hospital dietitian and doc couldn’t uncover the culprit clogging my arteries so I sleuth’d my way to discovering saturated fat. That which makes cheese so yummy.

Hell bent to find a vegetarian plan that wasn’t just removing the pot roast from the plate and mashing potatoes and carrots together, I invented our infamous 504 Bean Burrito (my habit is to name previous residences by the street number; 504 is this burrito’s birthplace). My kid, Jess, then about 7 and dying for a Purple Cow hamburger, eyes rolling toward heaven said, “Mom, bean burritos again?”

In a text, I sent a picture of the perfected 504 Bean Burrito in 2013 and was asked for the recipe. Guess years later, we’re both questing healthy options!

There’s not really a recipe. It’s more of a simple step-by-step process. I heat plain, fat-free refried beans from a can and simmer the Two Sisters brand Green Chili Sauce from Whole Foods. Sauté finely diced yellow squash, onions, and garlic in a skillet until pretty dry. Then, in a no-side cast iron skillet, toast a small whole wheat tortilla topped with grated soy cheese. Once the tortilla bubbles a bit and the cheese is melted, spoon on the refried beans, top that with the squash mixture, roll it up and place seam down on a plate. Generous spooning of the green chili sauce, and top with cilantro. The one thing I forgot was to roast kernels from a fresh-from-the-field cob of corn. Next time!


My willpower’s gone!
The journey just beginning

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