Juice and smoothie fest

Juice and Smoothie PrepThere’s nothing easier than a day of juicing and vegetable and fruit smoothies. Well, and there’s nothing harder. Spring cleansing, Ayurveda style, is challenging to consider, much less design and implement. After considering all the components that comprise a cleanse, there’s a curious building of ability and confidence that accompanies me as I contemplate intake, hunger, need. Desire. Want. No wait, it’s need. It’s need. What my body needs, not what my mind wants. Damn, it always goes back to that.

A pre-cleanse, for me, is a must. My strong Pitta appetite is sending dangerous messages to my mind, like “If you eat nothing but fruit and veggies, you’ll die of starvation.” Four days of contemplation, internal mulling of how, when, what, who’s shopping, preparing what meals. Talking to my pissed off part, the one who really thinks this is the dumbest idea ever. And to my worried part that I’ll not have energy to teach yoga, or work. Then that manager part who jumps right in and makes lists and creates meal plans and just plain overdoes it.

Day One arrives and I’m excited. Today I get to reduce my coffee intake by one-fourth! Woo-hoo! What a pleasure, I’m sayin’. Not. I’ve already gobbled up all the cottage cheese I bought (I got 2 containers since I knew I was giving it up for the cleanse) so no worries about temptations there.

The frozen American Flatbread pizza atop the marble wine cooler and gin? Doesn’t tempt me at all – I always share that with Chris and she’s out of town (how fortuitous of her) while I’m in the thick of cleansing. She’s the main chef in this house so this will be my first attempt to cleanse on my own. Tremble, I wonder how that will be? Trust me, it’ll be easy stuff, not the gourmet cleansing meals she makes. Oh, thought. Open a gourmet cleansing business (there goes the manager again).

There’s already no bread in the house. No cheese, a rarity anyway. Two eggs lonely in their carton for at least another week. Pantry is full of nothing that goes into this cleanse so I’ll leave those doors shut.

Deep breath, here we go to the first intake of the a.m. hot water, lemon and maple syrup. Not quite the sweet, smoldering earthy taste I seek in my French roast but surprisingly delicious, clearing. OK, now coffee but only 3/4’s! A large banana sliced with 1/4 c. Bola granola (the best damn granola in the world), and a scattering of Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls with soy milk for food. Salad for lunch. I can’t stand it, I need something solid in my belly so a quick toasting of a whole wheat English muffin topped with almond butter and naturally sweetened jelly is like nirvana. Quinoa and Veggie soup for supper. Day one done, feels good and complete.

Day two of cleanse (my Pitta part says, no damn it, it’s actually DAY SIX – don’t forget the pre-cleanse). I’m sick. Have been sick since the day before I started this. Snot, chest mucus, headache, body ache, fever, Lord, I’ve been run over by a truck. I’ve taken 4 days off from social activities and work and slept 10 hours a night with 3-4 hours of napping in the day. Today, I just want juice. Carrot, beet, apple, ginger, lemon. Ah, yes, love that strong taste of dirt from the beet grounding me, the crisp clarity of carrot, the sweetness of apple, the snap of ginger. Liked it so well, I had another. And a leafy salad. Then small red potatoes, and asparagus.

That brings us to today. This picture. Of juice. Of smoothie. Of alkalinity. Of deeply desired clarity. Contentment. Snot still there and yet, it even has clarity, running clear as it should. Fever gone. Yet the fire in my belly (agni) is stoking and burning and churning out a bunch of toxic crap from the winter. Feels good on this Day 3 (DAY 7, idiot). I’m good to go another few days. Will keep you posted.


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