Breakfast skippers eat more

Cold cereal has taken a bad rap nutrition-wise. Hold on before you dump it in the compost. Researching breakfast habits of 10,000 kids and adolescents showed those who ate any kind of cereal every morning got more nutrition than breakfast skippers or those who ate other kinds of breakfast. Kids skipping their morning meal ate more sugar during the day and were more likely to be obese. Read the labels in the cereal aisle. Best best is one with <10 mg sugar and > 5 g fiber for a healthy start to the day.

Adults are no different. Those of us who enjoy the overly fatty and sugary Hungry Man breakfast – you know the IHOP or local town diner kind of all-you-can-eat fried eggs, pancakes with maple syrup, toast with butter and jam, and hash browns swimming in ketchup, will undecidedly eat more throughout the day. Mind and body become wired for more. Typically even choosing less-than-healthy options all day long, ending with a calorie count stacked in the red.

On the flip side, those who skimp – like relying on those darn 6 oz yogurt servings to break the fast (a serving is 8 oz cries this dietitian, please go back to a full serving) – will continue to skimp at lunch, promising to continue the ‘diet’ for the rest of the day, then bomb out into an all night eating fest.

Those who choose a moderately sized breakfast, especially if it’s varied and balanced – Raisin Bran with low-fat milk, blueberries and a sliced banana, oatmeal chock full of raisins, stewed apple and a splash of milk, whole grain toast with poached eggs, were more apt to come in under the calorie bar by bed time.

Think twice before skipping the most important meal of the day (tip: breakfast is considered the first meal that’s consumed within 3 hours of awakening)!

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