The Overnight Diet

Lose 2 pounds overnight! Lose 9 pounds your first week! Yes, these are claims of The Overnight Diet, a new and safe approach to effective weight loss. Dr. Caroline Apovian and I created this diet in our weight loss center at Boston Medical Center and used it with great success for years. We decided to put it all together in a book so it would reach of you.

I created over 35 smoothies recipes for the 1-DAY POWER UP (day one of each week) and designed the 30-day meal plan and all 100 recipes for the menus for the 6-DAY FUEL UP that follow.

1-Day Power Up


Kick-start each week with the 1-DAY POWER UP, which revs up your metabolism overnight so you lose up to 2 pounds by morning. It’s a day of feasting on invigorating, filling, jumbo smoothies. And, a day of rest for you.

6-Day Fuel Up


The 6-DAY FUEL UP follows. Yes, fuel up! That’s 6 days with lots of lean protein, low-fat dairy, whole grains and all-you-can-eat fruits and vegetables. You will lose up to 9 pounds by the end of the week.

The exercise is the easiest part, which is essential for those of us not used to exercising. See a video about The Overnight Diet exercise plan. Anyone can do it! Lose weight, feel great!

You can order your copy now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target and WalMart online.

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