Birthday yoga

What fun it is when a little birdie whispers a secret that a yogin or yogini came to yoga on their birthday. What a privilege that is for me as their teacher!

It’s curious to me now that some of us keep our birthday to ourselves – see, I did that for years as a youngster. I hated attention, especially birthday attention. Hated opening presents in front of folks, gosh, I was a stumbling, sensitive, unsure child. Too embarrassed to show glee or say thank you, I only wanted a big ole hole in the earth to gobble me up when hiding behind Mama didn’t work. I get it.

So I got sneaky and did a group pose – tree pose to warrior 3 with a little help from our friends. Just before bowing into warrior, teacher announces that ‘unnamed man‘ was a birthday boy. We all burst out in song. It’s so delightful when this amazing MAC kula spontaneously erupts in song, clapping and well wishes. Birthday boy was gleeful and literally effervescent.

Honor yourselves and others as often as you can. Birthdays, holidays, Fridays, every day. Let your yoga buddies know what’s up – surgeries, happy days, sad days, needy days, cuz we’re all here to support one another, whether it’s hand-holding so our tree stands tall or hand-holding in other ways in our lives.

























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