Thanksgiving gratitude – breath of spirit

Morning all. I am really lucky to be gifted with the ability to teach yoga. I’m pulsing with excitement for my 9am class. This is a morning of celebration – of our freedom as a nation and freedom of choice. I hope you have grandiose plans today. I do. I’m so lucky. You see, I usually don’t have family around. Some of that is their choice, some are too far away. So I get to choose my own family, long and short term dear and wonderful friends for holidays. I think I may be luckier than you. You have family to go to today!

And with that sometimes comes some inflated or heated family dynamics!

Well, I’m here to tell you that you had a part in that even if it was a very, very small part. And today’s the time to take ownership of that, to let it go. Let go of keeping score, the need to be right or in control, to have the last word. It’s time to remember this practice of yoga is our inspiration.

Deep breath in here. This is inspiration. To breathe is to inspire. In spiritus. The root of inspiration. To breathe in is to take in the winds of spirit into the sails of our heart. Today, when someone in the family resolves to “he said/she said” umpteen years ago, breathe.  Offer thanks for your breath that stabilizes and centers you. Then, eat some stuffing!

Yoga philosophy says we choose our biological family so that we can grow spiritually. We need to let go of certain aspects in this life to gain deeper steadiness on the path. Breathe here, full, long, deep into your heart, gain some space around the limitations that may present. Dive deeper into gratitude for all your life offers.

We give thanks today for our breath, our family, food, our very lives. Giving gratitude is not only good for your soul, it’s good for your health. Gratitude connotes vibrancy as there’re no grudges, grievances, or negative energy being encapsulated within.

Sometimes, though, I tend to only offer gratitude when things are going well. When they aren’t, I tend to forget. That’s the humanness of our being. We do this practice of yoga today to remember our truest essence, Spirit. Breathe…….

Today, I give thanks to all my students who continue to inspire me. Their willingness, bravery, tenacity, and enthusiasm for the practice on and off the mat are truly inspirational. I will share with others the blessings each of them bestow upon me.

Om, shanti, shanti, shant.

Happy Thanksgiving.





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