‘What next,’ I wonder.

My partner had an initial phone interview for a training & development position at a local company that creates software and electronic medical records for health care institutions. What she didn’t know way back when as an oncology nurse specialist when she took a job in IT so that a parent could be home at night with her step-kids was that this job opportunity with a software company would one day be in her future. Neither did she know that a 2-year stint at a college of nursing would open the door for a training position.

Yes, her interests were in the infancy back then in the genre of online education and she’s a teacher at heart.

But the point I drive here is all about the ultimate weaving that occurs in our lives. No matter how insignificant or silly or irrational or not sequential in our career path a yearning may appear to be, each longing, each carefully thought-out decision is a building block in the grandness of the unfolding of your life.

Krishna spoke to Arjuna in the awe-inspiring sacred epic The Bhagavad Gita, “no effort is lost on this path.” Meaning every decision, turn, moment, thought builds upon each other and leads to a weaving that ultimately points us in the direction we are meant to travel. If we just listen. “Do it,” quietly whispers the One. We peer over our shoulder, who’s that? That’s the voice of your inner wisdom. Please don’t doubt.

It’s not easy all the time. Progression of life has moments of intense fear, anxiety, panic or doubt. An online aptitude test was required to progress onto the next interview phase. Afterwards, my partner delved into many questions, reflections, contemplations. So it is with us all. ‘Do I marry this person?’ ‘Do I move away and start over?’ ‘Do I adopt?’ ‘Did I pass the test?’ ‘Did I even need to take the test?’

At the time, we have no way of knowing of the wise or foolish nature of our decisions. Yet, if we live and act always without attachment, surrendering the fruits of our actions and move forward in our sadhana, our spiritual path of awakening, are equally self-contained in pain or pleasure, happiness or sorrow, are serene in success or failure, take care to move through our repeated practices of sadhana with observation and reflection, if we act from the tugging of that quiet Universal Whisper from Self, the threads we create begin to weave into an identifiable tapestry of satisfaction and delight as our lives unfold.

Paraphrasing from the Gita, when the light of knowledge shines forth through all the gates of the body, then it is apparent that we have attained perfect joy.



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