Tranquil moments – no charge!

Mahoney’s Garden Center is having a sale. Doesn’t take much to excite me. Printed off the coupon for a free orchid if I spend $20, even made a date with myself in Google calendar. Funny, free and $20 in the same coupon seems like a letter and word wrestling match. Guess you really get nothing for free after all.

I wonder. The strong yet delicate curve of the deep green leaves, delicate yet long-living petals surrounding an opening I fall into time and again, they call. I go. There it is, tranquility. Free. For real. We have free access to that space that lies just behind our eyes.  As free as it is, though, it still requires we make a choice. To participate. Or not.

The Universe pulses in her mysterious and elegant ways, filling our space with infinity – just look upward on a clear day – and boundaries – the embrace of our lover reminding us our heart is taken. We have choice to flow in the freedom of walking the path that serves our highest or become – and remain – tangled in the brambles beneath, covered by fallen leaves, disguising themselves to remain unnoticed.

You choose.

Even though my free orchid cost me $20 today, and even though I have free access to gaze as long as I need to upon these gracious beings of beauty sharing my abode, tranquility is mine whenever I choose. In any way. Breathe. Flow with breath. Fill with breath then embrace the space, breathe out. Be still. Feel. The. Tranquility.

Vegan salad – hearty and filling
‘What next,’ I wonder.

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