Where the magic happens

Facebook rocks. Because most of my Friends are yoga teachers or spiritual students, it’s a wellspring of theme ideas. And I freely borrow from them.

This idea of how fear traps us in our comfort zone while outside us the magic happens is an absurd way we live in the world. It’s been on my mind 2 weeks now. We remain trapped in the status quo – afraid of just what would happen if we succeed? Or fail? Or remain unnoticed?

Shri is the beauty of life and at it’s essence, when lived from the magical place in the heart (oh yes, I forgot to tell you, the Magic Circle in inside of you), we feel really good. And beautiful. We feel radiant inside.

There are techniques we can use that line up with Shri, where we feel beautiful, effervescent, happy, healthy. In my yoga world, that first technique is to make room, to open, to expand into the intention that stems from our heart’s desire to know itself and it’s reflection in everyone and everything. Then, #2, we hug into the remembrance of that intention. Softening, opening, standing on our own…….one leg.

Then, who knew? They just stood right up into Bird of Paradise pose. I sprung this pose on my Healthworks vinyasa class the other night. Not sure where it came from, this amazing vision of these dedicated, strong students of mine not stepping, mind you, but leaping outside of the restricted, limited, small perception of themselves as yoga students into the vastness of openness and strength. One student shouted out, “Frickin’ amazing!” and here’s what she later wrote to me:

“Diana, it was amazing. My mind first thought “no way, not gonna happen”….then I took a breath and thought “Really? You’re not even gonna try?” then I stood up. Radical empowerment, right there on the mat. *love*

That’s what I’m talking about, Sistahs!

Nasoya just made my day
Transitions ARE yoga

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