Soup to Butter Croissant Pose

That’s the English translation of a relaxing yoga pose, I found out. Too funny. A new corporate class is in tenuous growth of students new to yoga. Completely new to yoga. Now, they’re active in every other way – massive hikers, skiers, mountain and cross-country road bikers but yoga? Even basic stretching? Not so much.

In transition to the next posture, I offered the Sanskrit name – supta baddha konasana and was following with an English ‘how-to,’ when one head popped off the floor and loudly said, “Soup to butter croissant? That sounds yummy!”

Love it when laughter peals in yoga. It softens the heart. And eases the mind. I dare not suggest we bind with belts in this pose!! No telling what that will be called.

Click for how to get into this pose.

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