Sugar in your bread?

Bread is a rarity in our house these days. Not that we don’t like it, just the opposite, we love it. Especially the just-baked loaves that you slice yourself, double points if it’s still warm in the wrapper. It’s just that we’ve increased veggies, fruit and whole grains like kamut, wheat berries and farro so much, we don’t have as much room for it.

Cravings for a slowly cooked protein-rich Gardein veggie burger arose. I had to buy bread, right? At the grocery store, time was spent looking at about 10 packages of whole wheat hamburger buns. Guess what? None of them were 100% or stone ground whole wheat (the only definitive terms to connote same) and most were enriched flour. One label largely shouted “100% whole wheat.” The ingredient sections clearly whispered ‘enriched.’  That’s simply not right! It’s called a lie. Deception. And consumers are falling for it.

Another appalling ingredient on every bun’s ingredient list that floored me was HFCS – high fructose corn syrup. Only one bun, Oroweat, used sugar but still.

Why? Why put sugar or HFCS in a bun? There’s enough carbohydrate and flavor in whole wheat. I fall back to Mr. Rogers – “Can you say ubiquitous? I knew you could.” It’s cheap, sweet, we clamor for intense taste and low fat and the manufacturers give it to us via hidden sugar. Hidden sugar is wreaking havoc on our heart health.

To follow – a blog on just HOW sugar is killing our heart.


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