Therapeutic Yoga

New Spring Offering – Therapeutic Yoga 

Anusara yoga is a philosophy of mind, body, and spirit that uses heart-oriented Universal principles to align to our energetic Optimal Blueprint.  Thus, we experience relief from suffering. Pain, loss, injury and disease lead us to seek healing.

Join me in a 4-part Monday series designed to explore how to align our body to experience the abundance of joy and freedom in our body that leads to the same in hearts and mind.

Feet and ankles (hands and wrists)

Often the foundation of our poses, our feet and ankles and hands and wrists can set the tone not only for how we feel in the overall shape of a pose, but we can use optimal alignment to heal misalignments that generate pain and prevent injuries in our feet and hands, knees, elbows and shoulders. It’s all interconnected.


Often, misalignments in the feet and ankles create misalignments that lead to knee pain. Tight hips can throw the knees out of alignment as well. Practice the principles of Shins In, Thighs Out to bring the knees into your energetic blueprint and reduce pain.

Hips and low back

Low back pain is the #1 most common complaint. Tightness in the hip flexors and a weak core may contribute to low back and hip pain. We’ll identify if the discomfort is organic (i.e., affected by weather) or muscular in nature. Play with Inner and Outer Spiral and Kidney and Pelvic Loop to free tightness here that can lead to pain.

Neck and shoulders

Another common area of tightness and fatigue are the neck and shoulders. Our forward moving society (computers, iPads, iPhones) leave us with slumpasana that can lead to headache, neck ache, upper back soreness and weakness and imbalance in our upper body. We’ll practice Shoulder Loop, Inner and Outer Spiral of the arms, and Skull Loop to alleviate misalignment and pain.

Begins April 16th 10:30-11:45am at the Mt. Auburn Club, 59 Coolidge Road, Watertown MA.

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