Spring Cleaning – Clear the Clutter of Body & Mind

Warm, sweet spring air awakens our senses and we long to purge – unworn clothes we’ve had far too long, dust bunnies that snuggle deeply down, and pantries over-stocked with winter fare. Lawn furniture emerges from basements just as daffodils from the earthy soil to celebrate spring’s potential – to bring lightness to our lives.

You can do that with your body, too. I promise.

Energy, intuitive clarity and living to your fullest are just a few days away. I’m not talking about a diet to lose weight or a meal plan that’s a temporary fix for winter’s sluggishness. I’m talking simple shifts in your diet that will lead to permanent healthy choices for your lifetime.

Give me an hour of your time on Wednesday, April 25th, 6pm. For free, I’ll stimulate you toward the easy steps to get winter out of your body’s tissues and welcome in lightness and ease through spring to summer.

What does that mean, exactly?

Winter is long and cold and our cells hold on to fat. For warmth and nourishment appropriate to the season. Fat is heavy, dense and dark.

Springtime means a light, airy, buoyant, joyful and weightless spring in your step.

It’s the season for renewal and to bring freshness to your outlook on your life, to be vibrant and colorful in the kitchen, clear in your thinking and decision-making, less allergic to pollutants, and to evolve into the purest form of you.

Are you ready to Align / Nourish / Reconnect to your highest potential?

Join me at April 25th at Center for Integrative Healing, 23 Main Street, Watertown Square, Watertown MA for an informative nutrition presentation on Spring Cleaning. Parking is ample in a huge lot behind the building.

Arrive early to hold your seat!


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