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Many health-conscious consumers want to know what’s in their food. Plain and simple, how was it grown, what’d you put into or onto it, is it organic, humane, sustainable, and ultimately is it good for me?

I wasn’t pleased to find some usual store brands ranking at the very bottom of the egg bucket. Here’s what Cornucopia Institute said about those low-rankers:

‘Private‐label, or store‐brand, eggs rated with one egg are sold by grocers or distributors who have the obvious desire of wanting to grow their presence in the organic marketplace. Unfortunately, there is an inherent limitation in private‐label organic products: organic consumers tend to want to know where their food is coming from and how it is produced, and private‐label products are anonymous by their very nature. Our research indicates that the vast majority of organic eggs for private label brands are produced on industrial farms that house hundreds of thousands of birds and do not grant the birds meaningful outdoor access.’

Check out the Organic Egg Scorecard to find out how your eggs rate.



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