Mirror of the heart

Rumi said, “As you live deeper in the heart, the mirror gets clearer and cleaner.” When I read that, I glowed with the warmth I get when listening to the National Anthem. Then my brow knitted. What exactly does it mean to live deeper in the heart, I mean, exactly? Does it mean to be loving? Compassionate? I quickly ran through heart-related adjectives. And what mirror?

Times like these mean digging through years of journals of yoga notes. Something was tugging at the far back hiding place of my memory – mirror, mirror, mirror, mala, maya……….ah ha! Prakasa and vimarsa. Bingo! So here’s what…..

Prakasa is that which shows itself, radiates, reveals. The very essence of luminosity is what speaks to how you exist. It’s the basis of creation. It’s illumination, light, knowing. It’s like the moment of the fine tender line of light that begins at the horizon, when you can’t even make out the landscape, but you know it’s the sun peeking around the corner of the earth.

Vimarsa is awareness, a reflection of the light upon itself. There’s the mirror. It’s the capacity of Consciousness to know itself. In relation to the sunrise, it’s the discernment by which you now recognize what you are seeing – even before you see it.

That which reveals…….to the online dictionary, pronto. Rev·e·la·tiona : an act of revealing or communicating divine truth. b : something that is revealed by God to humans.

So, living deeper in the heart is aligning with the truth, your authentic voice, unconditional love – and anything else is untrue (judgment, erroneous perception, hatefulness). Then, when I am in that place of truth in me, this flame of delight glows out, flows out, emanates out and is caught in the gaze of you, and through the mirror of your heart, reflects back unto me. When I as little flame stand next to you as big flame, my flame intensifies. This heat (tapas) begins to burn away the impurities like grime and smudge and filth on the mirror so that it becomes clear and clean. Clarity removes the cloudiness from our eyes and heart and we more clearly recognize the goodness and beauty within all.

Love it when I understand!

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