Orgain – organic whey supplement

I love exhibit halls, those massively large wooden and steel oceans of products heaving to and fro with samples, treats, tastes, coupons, and freebies. At the FNCE conference (Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo) in San Diego a couple of weeks ago, there must have been hundreds of them and I found each and every one of them over 3 days!

I met Dr. Andrew Abraham, a cancer survivor and physician who searched high and low for a healthy liquid meal replacement that would offer healing and sustenance during his recovery. He couldn’t find it – just Ensure, Boost, Slim Fast, filled with sugars and artificial ingredients.

His story was pure and truthful. I had no doubt of his integrity. The ingredient label loudly spoke to me of components I ache for – organic fruits and vegetables (think kale, beets, spinach, carrot, blueberry, banana, apple, acai, raspberry), a hefty dose of high quality whey protein, good fat, antioxidants as vitamins and minerals.  I nabbed two shakes, Creamy Chocolate Fudge and Sweet Vanilla Bean – part of the weight of my bag on the return trip – and spent them as pre-yoga events this week.

I can vouch for the flavors – yummy, just sweet enough with organic evaporated cane juice (absolutely NO HFCS – high fructose corn syrup), and dense enough (255 calories) to spur me into arm balances and inversions for 2 1/2 hours without hunger or low blood sugar.

Check it out for yourself. Ordering online may be the easiest way to get this delectable nutrition supplement. Let me know what you think.


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