Out of Balance

Ever feel blah? Low energy? Sluggish? Spacey? Shaky? In a rage? On a rampage? These are all signs of imbalance created by the foods we eat, drinks we drink, activities we do – or don’t do. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs (even prescription) can tip us ever so slightly out of whack in how we physically feel, think, act, and process emotional issues.

Ayurveda uses nutrition to effect balance in all the doshas, or attributes of our constitution. Some folks are a blend of vata (air and ether), pitta (fire), and kapha (water and earth), having even fractions of all three (called tri-dosha). Some, like me, are predominant in just one but most are an even divide of two.

What’s out of balance like? (Check out yesterday’s blog. I added a few more balanced qualities). Plainly put …

Vata is a space cadet, head in the clouds, can’t sleep as anxiety mounts over the tumbles of thoughts pervasive to one million ideas that float and hop and bounce around inside the tiny crevices of the brain, ping, pong. Nervousness, fear, fatigue (I’m saying! All those bouncing thoughts keep a gal – or guy, the doshas are not sexist – from sleeping), and depression. Awake, that quick moving mind, if not stimulated, will get very, very bored. Your Vata may wander on to the next circus. Wind dries things up. Constipation. Well, and more wind, as in breaking wind. Hands and feet are cold from poor circulation. Cancel their flight with no notice? Their creative thinking finds the train, bus, rental car home.

Pitta is HOT, as in hot head in fury. Road rage. The middle finger is the fire finger and Pittas own it! Quick to irritate and anger, you better feed a Pitta when they say, “Feed me NOW!,” and quick, because it’s nasty, to be honest. Mood fluctuates, restless, they lose their patience, their body gets hot, more impatience, and itchy, rashy skin drives them more crazy. Pittas are sweaty (hot bodies, fire-filled eyes, sky-shooting flames). Cancel their flight with no alternative – get out, quick, now, while you can, the *$#%! rampage has begun.

Ah, Kapha, now we slow down, snooze. Can you say couch potato? Slug puppy? Water + earth in excess = mud. Sticky, slow, tacky, sludge. That’s harsh, but true. Out of balance, Kapha feels sluggish, not motivated, ‘stuck in a rut,’ and becomes strongly attached to anything. Addictions. Sugar addiction. Possessive about things. Overly sensitive. Lazy. Cancel their flight? No worries, there’re plenty of eats here, I’ll just cozy on down until, oh whatever.

The best news of all? Out of balance pulled toward center = a beautiful world where energies pulse in appropriate tune.

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