Ayurveda 101

In Ayurveda, the age-old medicinal science of yoga, we are aligned to the elements of nature – earth, water, fire, air, and ether. These elements combine to create doshas, or constitutions. In other words, doshas are how we relate to and with the pulsing of daily life.

Vata dosha is air and ether combined – think wind, movement, mobile, airy, drying. Those with vata dosha are creative, quick thinkers who tend toward change (restless). Vatas are energetic and love to take a risk. Because of their visionary range, they often initiate projects. Vata governs circulation, breathing, the beating of your heart, in fact, all movement of the body. Physically, a Vata tends to be on the thin side, and prone to dryness (think constipation and dry skin and nails).

Pitta is fire and water. Fire combusts nutrients, thoughts, emotions, thus is transformative. Pitta is responsible for digestion (the fire in the belly known as agni), hence metabolism. Pitta types are fiery, on point, intelligent and leaders. Pittas take the ball from Vata and create the heart of the project, detail by detail, using precision and focused action. The Pitta body is of medium but firm build and given to a warm temperature.

Kapha dosha, being water and earth, exudes strength, compassion, stamina. Think solid and dependable. Sweet and loving. A Kapha a the shining star in their community. Once Pitta has established the guidelines and boundaries of the work, Kapha keeps the momentum going. Steady to the end. A Kapha body and muscles are well developed, with thick skin, and prone to overweight.

What, how, and when you eat, along with how you cook your food, can be a balancing act according to your dosha. Or it can wreak havoc on your entire system – body, emotions, mental alertness, metabolism, immune system. Discover your dosha now. Then, browse through the attributes and recommendations for the dosha that is less balanced for you. Feeding your body according to the out-of-balance dosha will bring you back to center.

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