Juiced about whole fruit

Juice is fruit, right? It counts as a fruit serving on all the dietary lists I’ve seen. It’s carbohydrate, just like whole fruit. Hmmm, then why is it weight management suicide?

Thirty-four men and women, half overweight or obese, half lean, tested this idea. One-half drank 400-550 calories extra per day of juice. The other half ate that same number of calories via 10% raw veggies, 35% fresh fruit, and 55% dried fruit. Veggies and whole and dried fruit led to no weight gain. Juice drinkers packed on 3 1/2 pounds.

Now, this was a cross-over study, meaning the veg/fruit eaters eventually DID move to juice. That was the tell-all – no weight gain for 8 weeks of whole food, weight gain after 8 weeks of juice. Why? Those eating whole food compensated for the additional calories by eating less of other foods (Plate method).

Juxtapose this picture – juice to a whole apple. 1st question – how long will it take to drink the juice vs eat the apple (hint, extended pleasure)? Question #2 – which has more fiber (hint, more filling)? Question #3 – which has less calories per serving (hint, apple = 80 calories, juice = 120-140 calories per 8 oz).

Which one will you choose?


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