Putting things in order

Irene is coming. Here in Provincetown, the sun is high and she glints off the soft peaks of the water like diamonds tossed to and fro’, air is hot, breeze still. It’s hard to imagine in just a day, rain will pelt down on our B&B and the infamous Lobster Pot and force vacationers to end their stay earlier, switching to airports because the high-speed ferry has hunkered down for the storm.

Us too. Filling the gas tank today, just in case. Buying a case of bottled water at the local Stop ‘n Shop. Just in case. Add a bag of lettuce, tomato, crackers just in case. Already have wine, check.

Makes me remember being prepared ain’t half bad. You can always use those extra provisions later.

Reminds me, again, to be present even in the wake of a future storm. Enjoying today for the bliss of sun and light, ah, now the breeze trickles up to dust the dew on the brow. A bike ride to the beach, now languishing quietly, just to see it like it is at this moment. Happy to have provisions.

Another memory of Ptown two winter solstices ago – a huge Nor’easter sprang to life, we watching, wide-eyed and honestly, a bit terrified. Present moment aside, losing power on the Cape and being buried under a million feet of snow was a tidge frightening. Thankfully, Napi’s never shuts down and the natural food market was open so provisions were on hand, we were fine, enjoyed many a movie which we never do, good wine. So in the end, all was well.

Expecting tons of traffic as others like us leave early for home. That’s OK. We’re prepared to enjoy the time together, awesome tunes on the iPod, a call or two to friends to catch up, and after all, we have provisions in the trunk!



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