Self-love awakens your heart

All week, I’ve been exposed to lessons of self-love, first through the Daily Love, an awakening daily email from Mastin Kipp, and then a yoga class with Elena Brower. Other itty bitty occurrences have lit upon me, little efforts at self-love I’ve enacted to prepare for sadness as my daughter journeys to Chicago for 3 years.

When I’m hit from all sides with Universal messages, I listen. I mean, really listen. And I get curious. Inquiry happens. I thought back to the years of having tight boundaries around my heart but loose boundaries of my body. How that invited the wrong energy into my life and shut out the loving, deeply intimate connections I longed for. But as Mastin says, when our boundaries are too loose, we lose ourselves in the giving away to others.

I think now to the abundance of Grace, love, support, and commitment I have met through the protective and opening practice of Anusara yoga. My life is full.

It makes sense now, this balanced effort my teacher John Friend speaks to.

So how do we maintain the delicate balance of bravely loving ourselves so we can love others fully? First, in yoga asana, embrace the Universal Principles of Alignment of muscle and organic energy and honor your breathe. Pay deep attention to how you breathe, open your lungs, draw it in, hold it in the belly and when ready, it releases back to the Universe and takes with it the tension of today.

Hug so tightly to yourself, draw in to the midline of your inner strength, then from that place of supportive nourishment, breathe deeply in an open way into your heart from back, sides and front. Open gently and softly the tight bondage there and awaken to the healing expansion. Then, send it all back out again, back to the Universe, thank you.

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