Me and mine – an Open View

Jess is the most amazing kid a mom could have ever wished for on bended knee, hands together in prayer. I love this Green selves. I think I’ll frame it and put it on my bedside table. Although moved to Chicago a week ago, our soul connection is like she’s right here. Picture on bedside table is just a tangible reminder, not needed but gosh, love the Green selves.

It’s a joy and privilege to have my own professional photographer when I need a head shot or some yoga pictures to share on websites where I virtually live. The best, and my favorite, though, is Jess’s project Open View.

A year of her monthly drives to western Mass has yielded a splendid array of farm-living photos and the pure souls that drive the inviting energy there. Take Violet. Hanging on my wall at home next to Lovebug, the farm’s gnarly old-man ram, she proudly offers to the photographer the eggs just gathered. And Emmy, matriarch, mom, Mother-support, the nucleus glue, deftly weaving baskets or gathering honey or just being stable and present. Puja’s prize-winning sheep at 4H, her spirit steady. Avery, Puja’s boyfriend, chopping wood, a primary heat source, or bush-hogging the back fields.

After a year, I took a drive there, my partner and I, to finally see, in person, what we’ve seen through photos and heard via stories for so long. Nothing prepared us for the intensity of love and welcome, like walking into a reflective bubble of hug. Photographs that pulse and throb with life became full-sized and real. “Oh, that’s the window cubby with all the baskets,” and “There’s Lily the Llama, guarding the sheep.” (What an ominous look she gives, head drawn back, eyes glazing holes in our soul.)

Dive into Jess’s site and enjoy the View!

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