A drop in the ocean

Being by the water instantly soothes. Circulating stress molecules ebb right out of the body. Breathing in moist and salty air, inhaling the scent of surf, feeling the purposeful breeze flowing over skin, visually captivated by the water’s subtle movement and boats bobbing silently in the sea, I soften.

As I gaze out upon this vastness of blue peace, I’m reminded of the quote ‘People understand that the Ocean contains many drops. Less understood is the concept that a single drop contains the Ocean.’ No matter how small I feel next to this largeness, I am That largeness. And That’s soothing.

In Feng Shui, the water element helps restore balance, harmony and prosperity in your environment. Water features move and stimulate Chi, attracting the cosmic life energy. All of the elements support each other in the way that follow the supreme order of the Universe.

Oceans are the ultimate water elements, rivers, lakes and streams close seconds. Sans an ocean, indoor wall or table top fountains and waterfalls circulate and refresh the Chi while pleasing the eye with movement and ear with movement’s sound. Any reflective surface simulates the water element. Think mirrors, reflective metal and glass and crystals. Art work depicting waterfalls, boats on water, or a simple blue canvas (or charcoal grey and midnight blue) instills the effects of water on our mind and in our heart and soul.

In our hustle and bustle world comprised of wood, metal, earth and fire, adding water to your environment in any form deepens your commitment to living within a calm, peace, and tranquil inner world.


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