Apple falls really near the tree

Like mama, like kid. Love it when they really exhibit learned behavior you tried so hard to impart. Makes the heart feel good.

For kids, especially during those picky-eater years, offer a wide variety of healthy options and let them pick. Kids naturally gravitate toward what their bodies need. Yes, they’ll go through days, weeks, sometimes months seemingly existing on nothing but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or in my case as a toddler, peaches for 6 months, then eggs for 6 months. My mother was worried silly. I survived healthier for the allowance of choosing.

With kids at home eons ago, I made eating out a treat where they could order what they really wanted, like Angus-beef hamburgers and French fries. Not like today, when eating at home is a treat! If you do venture into the toxic food environment, there are some OK choices out there if you’re diligent and look. Creativity is key here – fast food joints tend toward the high fat, high calorie options that our mouths crave but our bodies rebel against. I noticed in traveling this week that even Burger King offers oatmeal (Starbucks may have started that trend). It might be instant oatmeal but it’s healthier than hash browns and sausage, egg and cheese biscuits. McDonald’s has apple slices and yogurt parfaits. Dunkin Donuts has English muffins with far fewer ‘starch’ servings than bagels.

Healthy eating out, if that’s your bag, is doable, it just takes a bit more effort on the front end. Get online, check out the menu, make selections before you even get there. Choose entrees that boast more veggies than meat and starch. Better than ever, keep the crisper in your fridge filled with colorful veggies and fruits to make your own enticing entree like the ones pictured here!

No matter where you go, there you are
A drop in the ocean

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