Feeding your soul

Spent Saturday at Open View Farm in Conway, MA. The delights of farm living abounded – fresh heirloom tomatoes, purple and green lettuces, blueberries. Lunch was straight from that bit of heaven, right outside the back door, a few steps down the hill. A cool breeze lifting the sweat off our skin, clean scented air, Puppy, a yummy Labradoodle, just enjoying the presence of us all.

The bleating of lambs reminded me we weren’t the only hungry ones. Lilly Llama, the watchdog of the herd, raised her ears as she drew her head back, eyeing these strangers. Satisfied we’re safe, she gets a good hosing by her owner – what a sight, this large looming protector melting under the pelting icy well water, something we were told she adores.

Salad fixings, leftover cabbage, and fresh corn adorn the rugged dining table, along with freshly sliced blueberry bread. All gather at the same time, there were no cell phones visible, nothing beeping or prodding our attention to drift. Conversation was simple and sweet. Laughter soft.

More chores to feed the lambs, then a drive to the swimming hole complete with rushing waterfall and slippery rocks. Hoards of hot country folk there for a refreshing dip, all nodding, smiling to each other as if we had been all known for a while.

Supper was ‘happy pig’ (farm-raised right on site explained the kids who raised her) and tofu for non-pig eaters. A bushel of oven-roasted potatoes, more salad, a little wine.

Fun, too, was hugging the chicks recently bought for eggs. Being new, they needed snuggles and love from the humans.

The bonfire in a dug-out pit was the exclamation point to the day. Under an inky, starlit sky, guitar strumming, soft voices singing Everything but the Girl, I thought, “there’s nothing better than this.” Knives whittled small branches into marshmallow roasters for s’mores. A little more wine. Some story telling.

All day, all night, the energy of love and happy life pulsated. Love getting that sweet touch of remembrance of Grace.




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