Eye for exercise

Your body was born to move. When it doesn’t, tissues stagnate. Think of a still lake, no movement except at the very bottom. See how debris, pollen, stuff accumulates atop the water? That’s your body without physical activity – your heart’s a beatin’ but your skin and hair are dull, there’s just not a lot of sparkle to your eyes and smile.

Movement stimulates cellular growth through increased blood flow and toxin release as you sweat a bit and get your blood flowing from a strong and fast heartbeat. What’s stopping you? Boredom? Lack of knowledge as to which weights to lift, what cardio class to join? Lazy? Too busy?

Those are just excuses. There’s not one person I have met in my 13 years as a dietitian and fitness counselor who has said, “I just don’t feel better when I exercise.” EVERYONE tells me how awesome they feel, although challenging to get started sometimes, once done, yes, yes, yes to energy, exuberance, vitality, excitement. It’s getting past these perceived barriers, hurdles, and other elements that keep us chained to our computer instead of pumpin’ the pavement.

I can work around excuses. I can help you find time. I can help you understand the in’s and out’s of movement, weights, dance, step class, yoga flow. I can help you find the appropriate activity that fits your likes and enjoyment status. Heck, I’ll even go with you.

What are you waiting for?


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