Ding dong the Pyramid is dead…

I hate to celebrate death of any kind, but my goodness, the USDA Food Guide Pyramid has bit the dust, adios amigos, died, gone, kaput and I’m one happy camper. Instead, My Plate has reincarnate in its place and it seems to be more adapted to consumer use. Meaning us.

Even as an RD, I never fully understood the sideways stipes with a mountain climber marching up one side. Just give it to me plain and simple:


  • Enjoy your food, just eat less.  THAT I get. Enjoy with flavorful food combinations.
  • Avoid oversized portions. Kind of the same message but it bears repeating.
  • Fill half your plate with veggies and fruit.  Yeah, low calorie but high volume means I’m fuller. Maybe I’ll even lost a pound or two. These foods just might turn me into the Energizer Bunny, too, as they are chocked with vitamins and minerals!
  • Make sure half my grains are whole grains. Got it. Most processed foods now come with screaming messages on the front of their grain content so this is easy-wheezy.
  • Switch to fat-free or 1% milk (and I would add all dairy to this). Hmmmmm, how about soy milk? In either event, it’s a no-brainer – saturated fat = heart attack  (risk of) Ditch it.
  • Salt – read labels, friends, and pick the product with the lowest sodium level.
  • Slow down on sugary beverages – the selection of calorie-free liquid thirst-quenchers is abundant. Take off your blindfolds and open your eyes!

Check out the site for fun and fact-filled information sheets to give you ideas on moving to healthier eating.

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