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Another interesting hook marketers use is names. Yep, what you call a food or dish will have folks clamoring for more or not coming back.

Owners of a healthy cafetaria called Dr. Brian Wansink wailing that no one was eating their food.  What to do?  Change the name, he said.

Italian Pasta became Succulent Tuscany Pasta.

Chocolate Cake was called Belgian Black Forest Cake (even though the Black Forest isn’t even in Belgium).

Sales jumped 27%.  People even rated the restaurant better and the chef more competent.

Moral of the Story:  When eating out, chose those quaint mom & pop places that offer plain fare.  Or the crunchy granola hippie salad and sandwich bar.  Nothing fancy.  Even though you tell yourself that you know this trick, it will still pull you in – creamy, succulent, cheesy, these words have power over us.

Better yet, eat at home.  Dr. Wansink gave people a really good brownie on a napkin, paper plate, or Wedgwood china.  If they got the napkin service, the brownie was really good.  On the paper plate, really, really good.  On the china, best brownie ever eaten.  Put out the nice china, table cloth, cloth napkins, light a candle.  Your dinner will be even more amazing!

From Nutrition Action newsletter, 5/11.

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