Which yolk for you?

If you’re like many consumers looking for better health through nutrition, you’re wondering about the hubbub of eating local. Is local fare really that much better tasting and healthier?  And the cost? Local eggs can be double, even triple, over store bought eggs (one local farm near me charges $6 a dozen and note, these chickens do not eat organic feed).

I did a test.  I broke 2 eggs into a bowl — one from a local Rhode Island organic egg farmer and the other from Organic Valley (bought at Whole Foods).

Take a guess.  Which egg yolk in the picture is from a local farm?  Which one is cage-free, organic?  If you guessed the one on the left is local, you’re right – you could probably tell from that brilliantly orange yolk and firm and tight white.  If you guessed the egg on the right is cage-free and organic, you’re right!

For me, fresh taste and good nutrition reign paramount.  Even if I have to pay a little bit more. After all, eggs are such a treat.



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