Sore throat remedies

Spring brings all kinds of ailments, from runny noses and congestion due to allergies and colds, flu and sore throats as we all venture through vast temperature changes.  One day it’s 70 degrees, the next 41 and rainy.  Thus is the nature of the season.

I fell prey to a sore throat that led to bulging lymph and parotid glands (the latter being salivary glands that begin digesting carbs in the mouth) and a temp.  Hmph…  Not what I signed up for especially as I look out lovingly over 4 cubic yards of organic leaf mulch delivered that very morning.  My fingers were itching to prune out the dead matter from the gardens and layer them lovingly with this dark and earthy spring coat. Instead, I found myself under layers of down, thick socks, and HGTV all day.

A few tricks were pulled out of the Ayurveda remedy box and they worked wonders in one day!

  • Gargle 4 or more times a day with 1 c. very warm water (not hot), 1/2 t. salt and 1/2 t. turmeric.
  • 30-40 drops astragalus (rebuilds the immune system)
  • Eat 1 T. honey mixed with 1 t. cinnamon as needed to relieve soreness

The American side of me added lots of OJ mixed with tonic water and ice (the cold felt awesome to my throat and colder fluids help keep fever in check), 1,000 mg vitamin C and a general multi-vitamin.

Now I’m being restrained by family members from spreading that delicious mulch today!

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