The Last Stretch of the Race

It’s time for the Boston Marathon! Training time has come and gone but there’s always the next marathon and for now, you’re seeking ways to ease the aches in your tired body. A key element to a successful race is realigning muscles and bones through stretching. Running takes a toll on a body, and overuse injuries to the knee, Achilles tendon, and iliotibial band are common. A study in the May/June issue of Sports Health states up to 70% of runners will sustain an overuse injury with 80% of these occurring below the knee. Hip muscle weakness leads to inappropriate foot placement and with the increased force on knees and feet, you have injuries.

Yoga practitioners have known for a long time that their practice strengthens hips through longer-held standing poses. In addition, the stretching element of yoga poses encourages a release to the muscle that corresponds to the ligaments, tendons and even to the joints. Running becomes more easeful and recovery is faster.

If you’ve gotten your bib number, get in line at the closest yoga studio and take a class. has classes of varying length and style without leaving your home. You can do these yoga poses (see below), holding each for five full breaths, and improve your performance on the pavement in less than 30 minutes per yoga session.

Good luck with the race!

Yoga Poses

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